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Sensory Bounce™ Therapy is structured, exciting and dynamic sensory motor and social skills therapy group that combines the most ideal sensory equipment with Occupational Therapy and endless fun! Launched in June 2013, at the Paramus location, Sensory Bounce™ Therapy is now running in over 15 locations across the tri-state area, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Florida and runs seasonal camps in select locations.

Sensory Bounce™ Therapy is on the cutting edge of services for children with Autism, ADHD, and children with any motor and/or social difficulties that interfere with their ability to function in their home or school environment. The facilities challenging inflatables and stimulating environment are the perfect combination to help address the following sensory motor skills:

  • Balance
  • Stamina and independence
  • Core control coordination
  • Social interaction
  • Gross motor and coordination
  • Timing
  • Bilateral integration
  • Body in space awareness
  • Motor planning
  • Fine motor

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Strengthening these foundation skills is integral to the development of good handwriting, reading, motor planning, sequencing and problem solving skills. by using a natural play environment, Sensory Bounce™ Therapy is able to facilitate skills such as eye contact and language, impulse control, turn taking, sensory modulation, frustration tolerance, team building and sportsmanship.

Each Sensory Bounce™ Therapy session is planned and implemented by an Occupational Therapist and focuses heavily on social skills development. Sessions are more fun, more practical, more functional, and less costly than many other therapies.

*FREE parent support group being held simultaneously to your child’s Sensory Bounce Therapy session.

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  • 201-794-7700

Sensory Bounce Therapy Summer Camp

Sensory Bounce offers a one week therapeutic winter break camp and a 2 week therapeutic summer camp which takes place the third and fourth week in August


  • Minimum 1 hour guided and goal-directed Bounce session
  • Small group sizes – 1:2 adult to child ratio (1:1 when needed)
  • All activities designed with maximum therapeutic value in mind
  • Create your own sensory filled snack
  • Sensory-based craft activities devoted to fine motor, perceptual motor, and/or handwriting skills development
  • Outdoor sensory filled activities (location and weather permitting)
  • Daily theme with all activities related to the theme

Sensory Bounce Therapy Program

  • 1 session per week, runs all year long
  • Small group sizes – 1:2 adult to child ratio (max 12 children per program)
  • FREE Parents Support Group (run simultaneously, often by a Social Worker)

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