Sensory Bounce® Therapy…

  • Is a sensory, motor and social skills program
  • Integrates goal-oriented therapy with play for children with different abilities
  • Is ideal for children with autism, ADHD, and any motor and/or social skills issues
  • Combines ideal sensory equipment with occupational therapy
  • Takes place in the fun, dynamic environment of an indoor inflatable bounce facility
  • Offers a 1-week therapeutic winter break camp and a 2-week therapeutic summer camp

Sensory Bounce® Classes…

  • Are integrated, structured classes
  • Are ideal for children of all abilities
  • Teach gross motor skills and social skills
  • Utilize trampoline and bounce arenas to improve balance, coordination and stamina
  • Use fun, challenging, inflatable equipment in an indoor facility

Sensory Bounce® Supports the Whole Family

During each session or class, we provide a separate meeting space for parents to network, share common experiences, and gain support from each other. In some locations, a designated leader is appointed to help facilitate the group.

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